On February 1, 2020 (GMT+8), the founder of TRON, Justin Sun, posted a tweet asking the TRON community for a good translation of the TRON Chinese slogan – 波多场大,纵情向前,日拱一卒,不期速成. This poses some challenges to the community because the slogan is in a four-character Chinese idiom-like format. It is not possible for an international audience to translate the slogan with a translation tool because direct translation simply won’t work. Therefore, TronGuide attempt to break the slogan into multiple phrases so it is easier to digest. A slogan carries a company’s values and promises as the company grow and evolves, so let us get down to this slogan and see what perception TRON want the community to know them as.

Phrase one: 波多场大 (bō duō chǎng dà)

The first and third character in this phrase is 波场, this is the Chinese name for TRON. Breaking this word further would give us ‘波’ which means wave and ‘场’ which means field. That’s why you may see some third-party sites use the term Wavefield instead of TRON since it is a direct Chinese-to-English translation. The second word ‘多’ means many and the last word ‘大’ means big. Therefore, the direct translation for 波多场大 is many waves and big fields. This doesn’t make much sense in direct translation but the phrase cleverly included TRON’s Chinese name without directly mentioning it and uses waves and fields the describe the enormous scale of operation. Therefore, this phrase implies that TRON is a large network, whether it be the size of the community, the number of network transactions, dApps, active users, supporters, etc.

Phrase two: 纵情向前 (zòng qíng xiàng qián)

The word 纵情 which stands for indulge means to give into a desire or interest. In simpler terms, it means heartily – to do something from the heart. The word 向前 means to move forward. So 纵情向前 means to move forward heartily. In other words, it implies to strive forward and never look back.

Phase three: 日拱一卒 (rì gǒng yí zú)

This is a more complicated phrase so let’s break this up into individual characters. The character ‘日’ means day in this context. ‘拱’ means arch or to lift up. The character ‘一’ means one and ‘卒’ represents a soldier, or a pawn as in chess. Therefore, 日拱一卒 stands for marching a pawn forward every day. This is an indication that TRON will work hard every day. One small pawn movement in a chess game may not mean a lot, but building a pawn empire step by step can have a significant impact in the end game.

Phase four: 不期速成 (bù qī sù chéng)

Breaking this phrase into individual characters would yield ‘不’ which stands for no, ‘期’ which stands for expectation in this context, ‘速’ which stands for speed, and ‘成’ which stands for achievements or results. So 不期速成 means don’t expect quick results. This phrase has similar value to the famous quote “Rome wasn’t built a day”. It is quite fitting for the crypto community because there are a lot of impatient coin holders who expect their holdings to multiply in a short period of time. TRON team is dedicated to carrying out their long-term plan by building a strong blockchain infrastructure instead of creating artificial instant pumps which are impractical.

Putting the entire phrases together, we get 波多场大,纵情向前,日拱一卒,不期速成. This indicates that TRON is dedicated to striving forward every day non-stop to achieve its goals and doesn’t rely on unrealistic shortcuts.

TronGuide had simplified this slogan into a more generic phrase:

Big achievements come from a passion to strive forward, one step at a time.

We hope that our translation of the TRON slogan explained the main idea that TRON tries to convey and the values that they stand for. Of course, there can be many versions of translation for this TRON Chinese slogan, feel free to share it with us if you have something awesome!

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