TRON officially launched its TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) on August 30, 2018, at 10:30 am (SGT).

A VM is a complete computer system emulated by software, which has the complete functionality of a hardware system and operates in an isolated environment, such as the virtualized physical machine VMware and Java virtual machine.

Let’s say you are a programmer, and you have a PC of Windows operating system. Due to work requirements, you need other operating systems to complete a task. However, the company has a limited budget and thus won’t give you a computer device with different operating systems, that’s when you’ll need a VM.

One TVM can solve all the problems to emulate an environment for any operating system to run.

Simply put, it’s a software that creates environments and allows users to operate other software in different environments. The direct benefit of a VM like this is that users can run any operating systems.

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