TRON, whose mission is to “Decentralize the Web,” has invested a lot of resources in the construction of DApp ecosystems, not only transforming the dying BitTorrent, but also setting up a TRON Arcade game fund to support and assist the diversity of the TRON DApp platform development.

In less than a year, TRON established the world’s largest and most reliable smart contract platform, becoming the mainstream public chain with the most DApps and fastest growth. Because of its fast speed, low fees, low entry cost, and strong scalability,

TRON has been well received by developers and has topped 450,000 quarterly active users. For developers, TRON supports two development languages – Solidity and Java, lowering the migration threshold for developers. The cost of developing a DApp is only about $1. For users, TRON provides free transfers, dozens of times a day, creating an environment where users can use DApps for free, creating the most user-friendly and likely to adopt public chain.

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