Step 1: Open TRONSCAN and click Login in the upper right corner. (We recommend you log in with TronLink)

Step 2: Open the wallet, enter your account page.

Step 3: Choose to unfreeze TRX on the account.

Note: No. 1 TRX can be unfrozen once they have been frozen for three days. Depending on different types of resources obtained from freezing, TRX can be unfrozen in separate batches as long as all TRX frozen for the same purpose have been frozen for at least three days.

No. 2 After unfreezing, resources (TP, bandwidth/energy, etc) obtained from freezing TRX will be cleared.

No. 3 After unfreezing, TPs that have been used to vote will also be removed, and you need to re-freeze the TRX and get the TP to vote again to ensure that your voting rights are not affected.

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