There are 6 main phases in the TRON development and each phase is an important milestone of TRON. Each milestone accomplished will bring us one step closer to a decentralized internet.

Phase 1: Exodus – Freedom of Data

Distributed content upload, storage, and distribution mechanism based on P2P technology. Users will be able to publish, store, distribute data on a free and reliable platform. During this period, TRON launched its TestNet and prepared to expand its team, laying a solid foundation for the Odyssey phase.

Phase 2: Odyssey – Content Enabling

Using economic incentives to enable content ecosystem (realized on TRON network). TRON experienced rapid growth during the Odyssey phase. Events like SR election and TRON Independence Day marked the beginning of Odyssey phase. The MainNet launch indicated the dawning of Odyssey 2.0. And the TVM launch declared the era of Odyssey 3.0.

Phase 3: Great Journey – Personal Digital Asset Issuance

With the blockchain technology at this stage, TRON will solve the following three problems – Measuring the income of content providers, paying TRX holders dividends and supporter management. This stage will also witness the transition from “Fan Economy” to “Fan Finance”.

Phase 4: Apollo – Free Flow of Value

Distributed individual customized token transaction, traffic monetization decentralized gambling and forecasting market, and a complete distributed trading platform to facilitate value exchange. These enable users to issue their own tokens and have a relevant platform to exchange own tokens with other tokens.

Phase 5: Star Trek – Traffic Monetization

Decentralized gameplay and forecasting market allow game developers to build online gaming platforms freely through TRON.

Phase 6: Eternity – Traffic Conversion

Decentralized games. Game developers can design gaming platforms freely through TRON. The cloud fundraising can provide funding for game development and ways for ordinary investors to invest in games.

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