TRC10 and TRC20 tokens are two types of TRON system-level tokens. The two vary in nature, transaction fees, and major purposes.

TRC10 token is, in essence, a native token mainly used for payment and transfer with low transaction fees. It can be directed to smart contracts by contract-calling.

TRC20 token is essentially a smart contract with higher transaction fees for programmable applications such as DApps. It is more adaptive than TRC10 tokens.

The two complementary tokens are a guarantee of smooth execution of contracts. An effective operating environment based on smart contract deployment will attract more developers to work on their DApps in TRON.

Within just two years, TRON has evolved into a world-leading platform in terms of the number of total and active DApp users.

In today’s encyclopedia, we shed light on smart contracts operated under TRON protocol. Next time we will present you “The development of TRON DApps”.

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