The SUN genesis mining has officially started on September 2, 2020, 19:00 GMT+8. There seems to be an overwhelming interest in the SUN token as over 400 million TRX has been staked in the SUN smart contract within the first 5 minutes. Let’s take a deeper look into what SUN is about and the info and numbers listed on its whitepaper.

How hot is the SUN?

At the time of this writing, there has been more than 3.5 billion of TRX locked up in the smart contract to mine SUN.

How to get SUN?

The only way to get SUN currently is to stake (lock) your TRX in a smart contract on its official website or using TronLink wallet. The official website for TronLink is

It is important to note that you should not send your TRX into the SUN’s smart contract directly as you may lose your fund that way.

For those who cannot access the site, you may be loading a locally cached version of the empty page. You may try to load the link above and hold down CTRL on Windows while hitting F5 to try a force refresh. Mac users can try holding down Cmd + Shift + R on your keyboard to force a refresh.

Please be aware that there are already some scam websites identified in the wild that imitate the official website. Therefore, please make sure you are visiting the correct websites listed above. SUN token can only be released after September 16, 2020, after you have unlocked your stake. Do not fall for any SUN token that is available in the market currently as there’s no way to obtain the official SUN token at this moment.

How many SUN can I get per TRX?

This is the most frequently asked question in the community so far and there’s no solid answer at the moment. The reason is that the amount of SUN you get will depend on how long you have staked your TRX and how much others are staking as well.

During the first two weeks which is also known as the Genesis mining period, a total of 1,860,602 SUN can be mined. This is equivalent to 9.34% of the total supply of SUN token – 19,900,730.

The formula that will be carried out by the SUN smart contract to decide a user’s share is:
Share of SUN the user is entitled to = (amount of TRX the user staked * lock-up duration) / ( ∑ amount of TRX staked by all users * lock-up duration)

So, the earlier you stake your TRX in the smart contract, the more SUN you may get. Of course, the amount of TRX that you have staked is an important factor too.

After genesis mining ends, regular Mining officially starts at 2020/9/16 23:00 GMT+8, this day is also called the SUN day.

It is important to note that for every week after regular mining started, the amount of minable SUN will be decreased by 20%.
In Week 1 of regular mining, 845,728 SUN will be mined.
In Week 2 of regular mining, 676,582 SUN will be mined.
In Week 3 of regular mining, 541,266 SUN will be mined.
And so on and so forth.

A total of 4,109,616 SUN can be mined during this stage, which is equivalent to 20.65% of the total supply. This regular mining, in addition to the on-going genesis mining, will account for 30% of the SUN total supply.

The remaining 70% of the total supply (13,930,511) can be obtained via regular mining in the other mining pools that will support staking of other tokens such as BTT, JST, WIN, USDT, USDJ, etc. A more detailed explanation will be published on September 14, 2020.

More Info on SUN

If you are looking for more info on SUN, feel free to examine its smart contract or have a read on its whitepaper.

SUN Smart Contract:

SUN Whitepaper:

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